Hello guys!

This site is for everyone who has a passion for fashion and loves celebrating the little pleasures in Life ? Welcome to Boomtown Avenue!

I love expressing myself through fashion. It’s just like; get dressed and tell the world who you are. My style is a journey. It’s a perpetual change. So are we as individuals. Our personal style changes with us. It’s a constant quest to finding our new selfs and experimenting and failing in new styles and ways to define ourselves.

I love mixing and matching all things fashion. As I use to say: dress for yourself and not for the party (LOL).
My style is… I don’t know – always changing. But foremost it makes me feel confident and allows me to be who I am. Though I love some investments pieces now and then, I don’t think you need to spend tons of money to looking great. It’s about the balance.

Do you wear your clothes only once? Me neither… I love styling my fave pieces more than once.
badgeLook out for this badge. This means you’ll find different looks of a specific piece.
Find all my restyled items here and let me know witch style you love most ?

What I post is what I wear IRL. So please don’t be mad at me if there are no daily outfit posts ?
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But hey, Boomtown Avenue is not only about fashion.
It’s about that journey of an ordinary girl, trying to be another blogger in the universe…

I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun together and I hope my blog inspires you all the way!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope seeing you again around here!

Xoxo ?

M. Akua